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Kuchiki Rukia is a person of contradictions. Some people see the brash, bossy, somewhat tomboyish side. This is to be expected, considering she grew up, unsupervised, with four "brothers" who pretty much raised themselves. This time period taught Rukia some lessons she carries with her today, though you might have to dig to see them; one must do whatever one can to survive, there are a few people in the world you will be able to trust with your life and always count on...and a lot of the time, people will end up leaving you. (This feeling, caused by the deaths of three of her friends, was reinforced by her later loss of Renji's friendship and the death of Kaien, but she's starting to learn that it doesn't always have to be this way, thanks to her friends' stalwart efforts to save her when she was set to be executed.)

Another side of her is one that doesn't come naturally, but it's been so drilled into her that it might as well have; there's a part of Rukia who thinks she is lacking, inferior, unworthy, caused by the compounded traumas of having Renji walk away from her, being taken into a home where she will never be as good as those born into it, having her abilities questioned because of her new family and then being held back from her full potential, and her tremendous guilt over killing Kaien, self-defense or not. It's only been in recent times that she's begun to question this feeling of inferiority, but her capacity to doubt herself will likely always remain, and she'll never be able to completely forgive herself for what happened to Kaien, even if she rationally knows it wasn't her fault. The heart does not always work rationally.

(A third side of her is the sparkly shojo side, but that bit is just total bullshit.)

For all her emotional issues, Rukia retains a certain snarky, sense of humor, as well as a sense of wonder for what the living world can produce, though these lighter emotions have been somewhat jaded in the last two years. One thing that time will never affect is her belief in her friends. She cares for them and believes unconditionally that they can succeed in the end. Her trust in them is actually a bridge to healing herself, as well. Though she's not one to get very sentimental, she can show her emotions in a serious manner in the right situation; otherwise, as they say, a kick to the head means "I love you" and she expects the ones closest to her to understand that.

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beating ichigo, beating renji, being right, bunnies, chappy, chappy merchandise, dance, embarrassing ichigo, getting the job done, hollows, ice zanpakuto, juice boxes, killing arrancar, loud noises, manga, more bunnies, new dances, purifying hollows, ribbons, self-sacrifice, shorter is better.
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