Jan. 7th, 2009 10:43 am
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Note to members of Division 13 or other officers who may have business with us while the Captain is overseeing the taishu—

Apologies for my lateness this morning. A few notes were left in my absence, and yes, I'll be overseeing division matters while Captain Ukitake and the others are occupied with choosing the future path of the Gotei. Squad leaders, this doesn't mean slacking off on drills—I'll be circulating later this afternoon to make sure. We may already have a captain, but everyone still needs to be in top shape.


I dreamed of him again last night. I thought I was done with that—it's been months—but I suppose I can't ever escape what happened there. All I can do is protect the captain from having to know about it. I couldn't bear if he were hurt by it—and I took care of it, so there's no reason he will be.

Dreaming of that night always throws me off-balance. I'll be glad when this day is done.


Nov. 24th, 2008 07:50 pm
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[Filtered away from all Arrancar & traitor captains]

Strange times lately. It feels as though winds of change are sweeping through Soul Society, but everything's staying firmly in its place.

I suppose we'll just have to help the wind along.


Nov. 14th, 2008 10:33 am
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Arisawa-san, if you need to see Ichigo, he's practically comatose in a guest room in my home. The idiot wouldn't know how to take care of himself in his own quarters. I have a feeling he may not be up for practice, though.

As a request—could seated officers who have dealt with the unusually large influx of Hollows issue status reports?

I anticipated Captain Ukitake's support in the transition, but taking up the position of Vice-Captain has been easier than I expected. Kaien-dono's presence is still very much here, in every action I take that would have been his...but it's a comfort more than a hindrance. I may never live up to his example, but just trying is making me a better officer. He did say he left his heart with me. Perhaps this is part of that.

I may go visit his grave in a few days. I know his body isn't there and never was, but I still want to. I'd rather think that any remaining essence would linger near his home, not where Aizen's twisted creation brought him. I'll think about it.


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