Sep. 18th, 2009 10:06 am
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[Filtered to division captains and ice-captains plus bananaphone friendlies]

After performing our duties in the living world under the new procedures for around a week, I thought it prudent to issue a status update, based on squad leader reports given to Captain Ukitake and our own observations.

Once we were able to reach the living world, the main problem was the large number of souls that could not be sent here by our 'substitutes'. Instead of just being a bureaucratic headache, large concentrations of Pluses served as lures for Hollows; this was and continues to be a problem, especially in the most densely populated cities.

Many officers, especially those with experience being stationed in the living world, are fully capable of defeating Hollows without shikai, even if they cannot be purified, but the more powerful Hollows present some difficulty. Additionally, if we devote more resources to fighting instead of soul transfer, the backup won't get much smaller and will continue to attract more Hollows than usual.

Thanks to the quick work of the Twelfth Division, the manual escorts through the dangai are proceeding mostly without incident, but they're slower. To be completely frank, it's much easier to perform konso on an unwilling soul than it is to drag them through an ominous-looking tunnel. When it comes down to making a choice, that is technically an option, but it's not the ideal choice, and it still slows us down.

Right now, our plan is to continue focusing on the soul transfers and dispatch as many squads as possible to hold back the Hollows until we can reach a balance point once more. If our fellow officers and captains have ideas for procedure improvements, please direct them to me and Captain Ukitake will review them.

[Private to Ichigo]

This has nothing to do with the rest of what I wrote. Mostly nothing. I saw your father the other day, and I came away wondering if you really ought to have a talk with him.


Feb. 17th, 2009 10:04 am
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[Filtered to Renji, Ichigo, Chad—and after some discussion, Captain Ukitake a while later]

All right. It seems returning to Hueco Mundo and taking Inoue ourselves instead of begging for scraps of her time is inevitable. Ishida and Nel, too—even if Captain Ukitake hadn't included them as objectives, it would be too dangerous to leave known allies in the hands of the Arrancar.

Let's form a plan.

[OOC: Yeah, there's the ooc planning post for this, but they'd be making plans ICly as well. So.]
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Today is a brighter day than the last week has been, even the last two years. Promoting new captains to the vacancies doesn't solve all our problems, but it does give us new paths that might lead us out of the darkness. I'm sure their leadership will be a boon to us all in the days to come. Congratulations.

[Private to Renji]
I knew you could do it.


Jan. 5th, 2009 11:54 am
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Good luck to all candidates participating in this week's taishu. I may not have the wisdom to know who should lead the divisions, but I feel certain that the Gotei Thirteen will be better off with your guidance and leadership. These holes have existed for too long; all four leaderless divisions have great days ahead.

[Private to Renji via interoffice mail, not jigoku-cho]

// No writing, just a bunnified drawing of a smiling Renji wearing a captain's haori //


Dec. 27th, 2008 12:12 am
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[Filtered to friends]

I'm sure you've noticed by now, but things are a bit hectic at the Thirteenth right now. (Speaking of which, Ichigo, please continue with your usual drill schedule, but as we figure out what kind of transition will need to be made, I may need your assistance.) And that's not even considering the impromptu celebration that was thrown upon Captain-Commander Ukitake's election and my head is still spinning a little. Please forgive me if I'm sparse company, at least until the New Year.

If you do need to see me before then, highly-caffeinated tea would be welcome.


Nov. 14th, 2008 10:33 am
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Arisawa-san, if you need to see Ichigo, he's practically comatose in a guest room in my home. The idiot wouldn't know how to take care of himself in his own quarters. I have a feeling he may not be up for practice, though.

As a request—could seated officers who have dealt with the unusually large influx of Hollows issue status reports?

I anticipated Captain Ukitake's support in the transition, but taking up the position of Vice-Captain has been easier than I expected. Kaien-dono's presence is still very much here, in every action I take that would have been his...but it's a comfort more than a hindrance. I may never live up to his example, but just trying is making me a better officer. He did say he left his heart with me. Perhaps this is part of that.

I may go visit his grave in a few days. I know his body isn't there and never was, but I still want to. I'd rather think that any remaining essence would linger near his home, not where Aizen's twisted creation brought him. I'll think about it.


Nov. 3rd, 2008 02:08 pm
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Another week and already complications have arisen. For anyone who might venture to the Thirteenth's grounds, I'd advise staying away from building six; several squads apparently gathered for an unauthorized party this weekend, and the alcohol consumption deluded them into thinking a contest of shikai was a good plan. The building is no longer structurally sound.

Ichigo, good work with the butterflies the other day. Please thank your father for me for the gift he sent. It was unnecessary, but thoughtful.

Captain Ukitake, if your offer is still extended, I would like to accept the position.


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